Satire as Effective Argument

The dreaded left hand coming to consume your soul.

Although in the beginning he offers somewhat straightforward criticism of the government of North Carolina with statements such as “The elimination of the compulsory attendance law, ‘to prevent any child from being forced to attend a school with a child of another race,'” Harry Golden in “The Vertical Negro Plan” portrays himself as well-intentioned to solve the problem of the “‘decisions’ involving the elimination of racial discrimination in public schools,”.  His absurd proposals of the “WHITE BABY PLAN”, the “GOLDEN ‘OUT-OF-ORDER’ PLAN”, and the “VERTICAL NEGRO PLAN” poke fun at the government’s small and hardly useful efforts to desegregate North Carolina in a way that seems like he truly wants to use these plans to help North Carolina.

Roger Guffey in “Left-Handers (Those Sickos) Got No Reason to Live!” makes his point by suggesting to get rid of left-handed people, which is a very clever comparison to homosexual groups, but this suggestion is not made in a way that seems to be nice or helpful with statements such as “We should all band together and pray fervently that God will strike these little perverts dead,”.

Satire as Effective Argument

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